My key translation services

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Spanish into English | French into English

Main Areas of Specialisation:

Business | Economics | Oil Industry

What do I do? Benefits for you?

I translate business-related texts into English. If anything isn’t clear in the text to be translated (e.g. ambiguity, etc.), I am sure to communicate this to my client. We can work together to find a solution. You can expect high quality work, with the true essence of your message being translated into English. As a member of the ATA, I abide with the association’s ethical standards. I want you to feel proud of your decision to work with me!

Types of Translations

International Business

Translation of technical documents used in international trade

Are you interested in or already doing business with overseas stakeholders?
I focus on documents related to the import and export of goods and services. Thanks to my subject-specific knowledge and industry experience, you can expect translations that are accurate, flow naturally in English and make use of the appropriate style and terminology for business communications.

For example, I have translated marketing material, web content, technical manuals, etc.

Oil Industry

Specialising in the translation of documents related to petroleum trading operations

A technical translator for your technical translations
The oil industry is a technical field with its own specific terminology. This must be reflected in such translations. By choosing me, you have the benefit of working with someone who has worked in the oil industry. At a major oil multinational, I handled trading operations for crude oil and middle distillates; this meant that, on any given day, I was in contact with traders, suppliers, receivers, load and discharge port agents, inspection companies, brokers, vessels, etc.

For example, I have translated reports for the oil and gas industry.

Other Business-Related Translations

Including Socio-Economic Reports, etc.

Here are some of my recent translation projects:

• Technical manual – Gas industry
• Marketing copy – Food industry
• Instructions for an Information System
• Report on the Customs system in a Latin American country
• Instructions for subcontractors – Steel industry
• Incident analysis report – Petroleum industry
• Report on social protection in Africa
• Contract Annexes – Telecommunications industry
• Employment contract
• Flyer on communications services
• Drywall specifications
• Video script
• Event website
• Biography for a concert programme
• Social Report on Women in a Latin American country

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