Here are some of my recent translation projects:

• Technical manual – Gas industry
• Marketing copy – Food industry
• Instructions for an Information System
• Report on the Customs system in a Latin American country
• Instructions for subcontractors – Steel industry
• Incident analysis report – Petroleum industry
• Report on social protection in Africa
• Contract Annexes – Telecommunications industry
• Employment contract
• Flyer on communications services
• Drywall specifications
• Video script
• Event website
• Biography for a concert programme
• Social Report on Women in a Latin American country

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Professional in the oil industry

Translation Agency CEO

Project Manager

Examples of my translation work on CafeBabel

Berlin has taken the title of Europe’s coolest city, helped along by its status as the capital of Germany – the country with the lowest youth unemployment rate in the European Union. That’s why in recent years many young Spaniards have been packing their suitcases to head to Berlin to find work – although not all of them have had the same luck.

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Music apparently soothes the mind. Percujam attributes another power to it, as music blurs differences when a group of autistic people and their educators come together to perform. Let’s meet this unique group.
The percussions resonate. The guitarist and the keyboard player whip out chord after chord.

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Pamela Palenciano travels around the “hysterical peninsula”, as she defines it, using the theatre to tell her story of 6 years of abuse. Through the monologue “No sólo duelen los golpes” (Pain not only from blows), Pamela portrays on stage Antonio, her abuser, so that the audience can judge for themselves.
“It was really hard for me to laugh because the things you said were very unpleasant,” confesses one of the female attendees.

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